4 Blind Mice interviewed on SA Creative Network

We were recently interviewed by SA Creative Network. Tsek it out!

Christo - Silverbackisback

Excerpt from the interview

“Who/What is 4Blind Mice and what do you do?

4 Blind Mice is a visual arts collective that began in 2010, and focuses primarily on mixed media illustration. Everyone in the group studied together in PE at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. There are currently five of us in the group, each with our own alter-ego which features in most of our work: Christo Booth (Silverback), Monde Goniwe (Wasted), Mawande Mase (The Butcher), Andy Higgins (War Alpha), and Ryan Allan (Sanjeev).

How would you define your style or art?….”
Visit their website to view the full interview


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