Silverback of 4BM featured on

4BM’s own, SIlverbackisback, was interviewed recently by’s what went down… 


‘Sexplosions’, Lone-man psychobabble, predestined paths and graffiti are on the cards in this week’s artistFeature. 

After months of careful planning, blakesAlbion finally got the chance to sit down and have a chat with one quater of the 4 Blind Mice Collective – Silverbackisback.

Silver sends me an email. He’s dropped his work into my Dropbox for inclusion in the feature. Image after image loads up and I scroll through, utterly transfixed by the raw nature of it. Canvases, papers and walls sculpted with a very precise kind of madness. Some of the pieces are akin to Henry aKin’s graffiti work in Johannesburg, but there’s something different here. There’s an awareness in Silver’s work that lacks in aKin’s recent work, it drips with an urban vibration absolutely unique to South Africa: anger, vitriol and bile-spit frustration. 

His alter-ego just about speaks to a generation of South Africans still reeling from the stench of the long dead corpse of Apartheid. With boxing gloves tight, Silver is in playful, violent motion; screaming through the streets of Port Elizabeth, begging for a reaction. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but… 

Reactionary art is primal and Silver makes no exposition to the contrary, but with such a powerful message looming forever in the background of his work it feels to me a clumsy and overly simplified attempt at stating something altogether too complex. 

Perhaps the rough nature of it, the rawness contributes to that feeling, but Silver maintains its a development process not an answer.

We sat down and talked to him about just that: 

Take a pew.

blakesAlbion: So, The gorilla and the goat finally meet!

Welcome to blakes Christo, or should we call you Silverback?


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