We are the 4 Blind Mice. It started with three, currently there are five, but we are always 4.

4 Blind Mice is a visual arts collective that was formed in 2010 by Christo Booth, Mawande Mase, and Monde Goniwe. It now includes Andy Higgins and Ryan Allan. All members studied together at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Our main objectives are to bring destruction, chaos and ultimate world domination to every eye ball that dares to be blinded by our light. Watch this space!

Apart from each members personal illustration work, the group is available to do murals, portraits, and designs for t-shirts, book and CD covers, and posters.


Andy "War Alpha" Higgins

Andy “War Alpha” Higgins

Christo "Silverback" Booth

Christo “Silverback” Booth

Ryan "Sanjeev" Allan

Ryan “Sanjeev” Allan

Mawande "The Butcher" Mase

Mawande “The Butcher” Mase

Monde "WASTED" Goniwe

Monde “WASTED” Goniwe


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