Journey Through Istanbull

4BM Journey Exhibition Poster

Journey Through Istanbull poster

 A few years ago we stood outside the Ron Belling Art Gallery and declared our intention to exhibit in that beautiful building. Though our style of work was radically different to what they tend to exhibit. We were determined. Three years later, we approached them and they welcomed our proposal to exhibit in the gallery.

The stage was set. 4 Blind Mice were to take over the entire space.

Opening on 3 May 2013, a flood of over 100 people entered the gallery to see almost 60 new pieces produced specifically for this exhibition.

Exhibition Title: Journey Through Istanbull
Duration: 1 Month (3 May – 31 May 2013)
Venue: Ron Belling Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Here are some photos from the gallery, our opening night, and walkabout…

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//Thanks to Basil Brady and Nel de Franca for sharing their photos from our event//

Wait… what is Istanbull anyway???

It is a place, a land with no borders. The only rule in Istanbull is that there are no rules. The only truth is that there is no truth.

Istanbull is a metaphorical place about our individual journeys through life and through being artists. It is our journey through being a collective. It is a journey through a land where our two-dimensional alter-egos run wild and free and come into their own. For each of us the journey, even though it is a shared one, becomes something you can only experience on your own terms. Some might see beauty and peace. Others might experience the complete opposite. That is the main thing about Istanbull: it is a place of contradiction. Life itself, as we know it, is a contradiction; sometimes filled with moments of pain and sadness, while at other time with happiness and joy.

Make of Istanbull what you will but know this: even though for now it only exists on a 2D surface, existing only in the minds of our collective, it is as real as anything you have, and will experience in this lufe.


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